Hyperloop Pod


I have been involved in HYPED (The University of Edinburgh’s Hyperloop Team) since its inception in 2015, and have participated in all three of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competitions.

Working with teammates from a myriad of disciplines including engineering, physics, business and more, HYPED was a unique opportunity to participate in an international multidisciplinary competition with enormous implications to the future of global transportation.


Thanks to everyone's hard work HYPED has and remains one of the best teams in the world; winning the Subsystem Technical Excellence Award in 2016 (Texas), race finalists in 2017 (California) & 2018 (California) as well as winning the 2017 Virgin Hyperloop One Global Challenge.


My role in HYPED includes industrial design, interior design, graphic design, UI/UX and more. Working on everything from seating concepts and shell design to marketing, youth outreach and more. 

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a project or learn more about my work

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