Smartphone Powered Laptop

In my third year we had a short project on finding innovative uses for e-waste, which is becoming an ever increasing problem in our disposable society. In order to promote the idea of a circular economy I created an open-source project to revive broken laptops by powering them from a smartphone.


In this project, I took an old broken Macbook Pro and replaced the touchpad with slot from which one can insert a smartphone. The smartphone, then through a desktop launcher powers the laptop and acts as a touchpad. The idea is that as smartphones become increasingly capable and ubiquitous, this project can serve as an alternative to binning your old laptop by using a smartphone to augment the capabilities and affordances of a laptop.

In this instructable I detailed the process in which I used a Google Pixel 2, an old keyboard, a LCD driver and some other upcycled parts to the interface the smartphone with the laptop.

Laptop i.jpg
Laptop ii.jpg