Encouraging Healthy

Living Among Nurses

For this project I designed a digital platform to encourage healthy work/life balance among nurses in the NHS (National Health Service). After speaking to a number of nurses and nursing students at the Edinburgh Infirmary and Western General Hospital I found that issues such as obesity, substance abuse, mental and physical fatigue are mostly just symptoms to the larger problem of stress.

With that in mind, I found that exercise and socialising has been shown to greatly improve mental and physical resilience to stress. Therefore I designed NHS Buddies, a flexible and intuitive platform for NHS staff to organise events and activities.

The user experience was designed to be clean and simple to use. Allowing groups and individuals to create and join activities 

organically, either through a Community (like a club) or through Hangouts for more casual, spontaneous activities. Additionally, the platform works with the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system to accommodate the user based on location and shift schedule.